In mid-2017 I lived in Bern for six months, in a small flat in the attic of my grandmother’s house. After much hesitation, she agreed to let me stay there for a few months. She is unaware that I allowed a friend to live there with me, full time. Our flat was so small that we were forced to put our dining table in the corridor. We were always worried that she could come upstairs and our cohabitation would be discovered. The camera is installed for the purposes of surveillance. This controlling eye was always present. The frame is vertical to show that the living conditions are very crowded and narrow.

The video lasts approximately 15 minutes, which corresponds to the average time we took to eat our meals. Each video is divided into two, which creates interesting changes of scene in the central part of all the videos. The sound on the video is the background noise created by our flat (we lived next to the railway and had a water issue).

Video with sound : 14'17''