During my research for the creation of more than 100 hats over a period of over two years, I experimented with various materials and shapes. The aim was to achieve complete awareness and knowledge of a subject, in this case hats. I worked hard to repeat the construction procedure, to the point where I could gain enough distance to transform it into an uncertain, personal object. This was my journey towards artistic reflection. Through this procedure, my objects became organic and full of life. During this work I became aware of the change that I was able to make, transforming objects from a fashion accessory to an artwork. These photos came into being thanks to the collaborative work between me and the object. To find the best emotion, the right moment, the right composition and the best movement of each of my objects, I photograph an action. This method resembles a conversation between me and the objects, during which I asked myself the following questions : how does the movement I cause react on the objects, how does the material react ? What do I feel during the interaction ? I speak to my objects, they speak to me and above all, most importantly, we listen to one another.

A series of four prints :
120 × 180 cm / each
Material :
coton, velvet, wool, corduroy, old clothes