Dérobé 2019

My intention was to create a correlation between water and air on the subject of secrets. By creating this sculpture which is made of several diving suits, I was gathering stories and secrets at the same time.

The function of neoprene is protection. Therefore, it protects all stories and secrets inside the sculpture, regardless of them being real or fictional. Additionally, I chose the resistance of water and air to create a movement which indicates the weight of the stories inside. The sculpture has been hung up on an elastic rope. This process of up and down depends on the weather and on the weight of the projected stories. Therefore, when the weather is fine the secrets seem light and insignificant. But if it rains the sculpture gets wet and the stories become heavy and therefore it sinks towards the floor and may bring the sculpture to a collapse.

Sculpture :
250 × 125 × 150 cm

neopren (old diving suits), cotton wool, elastic bands