These embroidered drawings, structured like a bestiary, suggest fragments of childhood stories based on a monotonous dramaturgy.

/... / I still remember the banner hung in my classroom when I was a child, each letter of the alphabet accompanied by a picture of an animal representing that particular character. All these letters strung together which can create such wonderful stories, touching declarations of love, missed recipes, complicated dictations …

But above all, I see all these animals once again playing a role, perhaps even in a children’s story. Children who were brought by a beaver and not a stork. I also like to imagine that a word or a sentence thus becomes a grouping of animals who otherwise would never have met. /... /

excerpt from my text « l’oasis du cheval paumé »

8 prints on paper mounted on aluminium :
100 × 66 cm / each
or 8 textile embroideries (white linen, various yarns) :
53 × 30 cm / each